IPdxInstance InterfacePivotal GemFire .NET Client Documentation
PdxInstance provides run time access to the fields of a PDX without deserializing the PDX. Preventing deserialization saves time and memory and does not require the domain class. This interface is implemented by NativeClient. The PdxInstance implementation is a light weight wrapper that simply refers to the raw bytes of the PDX that are kept in the cache. Applications can choose to access PdxInstances instead of .NET objects by configuring the Cache to prefer PDX instances during deserialization. This can be done in cache.xml by setting the attribute read-serialized to true on the pdx element. Or it can be done programmatically using the [!:CacheFactory.SetPdxReadSerialized] method. Once this preference is configured, then any time deserialization of a PDX is done it will deserialize into a PdxInstance. PdxInstance are immutable. If you want to change one call [!:IPdxInstance.CreateWriter].

Namespace: GemStone.GemFire.Cache.Generic
Assembly: GemStone.GemFire.Cache (in GemStone.GemFire.Cache.dll) Version:

public interface IPdxInstance : IDisposable
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