Region LocalInvalidateRegion Method Pivotal GemFire .NET Client Documentation
Invalidates this region without distributing to other caches.

Namespace: GemStone.GemFire.Cache
Assembly: GemStone.GemFire.Cache (in GemStone.GemFire.Cache.dll) Version:

public void LocalInvalidateRegion()

GemStone.GemFire.Cache CacheListenerException if CacheListener throws an exception; if this occurs some subregions may have already been successfully invalidated
GemStone.GemFire.Cache RegionDestroyedException if the region is no longer valid

The invalidation will cascade to all the local subregions and cached entries. The region and the entries in it will still exist.

To remove all the entries and the region, use LocalDestroyRegion(IGFSerializable).

Does not update any CacheStatistics.

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