ReflectionBasedAutoSerializer IsFieldIncluded Method Pivotal GemFire .NET Client Documentation
Controls what fields of a class will be auto serialized by this serializer. Override this method to customize what fields of a class will be auto serialized. The default implementation:
  • excludes NonSerialized fields
  • excludes static fields
  • excludes literal fields
  • excludes readonly fields
All other fields are included. This method is only called the first time it sees a new class. The result will be remembered and used the next time the same class is seen.

Namespace: GemStone.GemFire.Cache.Generic
Assembly: GemStone.GemFire.Cache (in GemStone.GemFire.Cache.dll) Version:

public virtual bool IsFieldIncluded(
	FieldInfo fi,
	Type type


Type: System.Reflection FieldInfo
the field being considered for serialization
Type: System Type
the original class being serialized that owns this field.

Return Value

true if the field should be serialized as a pdx field; false if it should be ignored.
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