IPdxInstance GetField Method Pivotal GemFire .NET Client Documentation
Reads the named field and returns its value. If the field does not exist is returned. A result indicates that the field does not exist or that it exists and its value is currently . The HasField(String) method can be used to figure out which if these two cases is true. If an Object[] is deserialized by this call then that array's component type will be instead of the original class that the array had when it was serialized. This is done so that PdxInstance objects can be added to the array.

Namespace: GemStone.GemFire.Cache.Generic
Assembly: GemStone.GemFire.Cache (in GemStone.GemFire.Cache.dll) Version:

Object GetField(
	string fieldName


Type: System String
name of the field to read

Return Value

If this instance has the named field then the field's value is returned, otherwise is returned.
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